Session 3 - Pay attention to the details. (Investigation)


- Like it or not, the Bible must be interpreted…

- We’re taking common sense and applying it to Scripture.

- Remember our goal – to hear God by understanding the text.

- Good Bible study begins by reading the text closely with attention to detail.

- At this early investigation stage you are basically playing detective.

- What are we looking for? What are we investigating?


o Investigate what the words mean…

ƒ How do various English translations differ?

ƒ Where are the verbs and what are they doing?

ƒ Any metaphors or figurative language?


o Investigate how the words relate to one another…

ƒ Are any comparisons or contrasts being made?

ƒ How does the logic or plot move forward?

ƒ Any connectors like “if… then…” or “therefore…” or “because…”?


- Basically you do two things:

o Ask questions.

o Make observations.


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